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Terms and Conditions.

Welcome to Rajana Crafts, the webstore


Please read carefully and understand the rules outlined in these terms and conditions of use because Your use of RajanaCrafts.org is conditional on Your acceptance to be bound by these terms.


In order to buy on Rajana, You have to register and get an account.


You promise that information You give us is true, accurate and complete and that You will keep Your account information up-to-date.


Your account is not transferable. You are responsible for any use of Rajana that occurs in conjunction with Your username and password so keep Your password secure and don’t let any other person use Your username or password. If You realise there’s any unauthorized use of Your password or any breach of security You need to let us know immediately.


You need to be 18 years or over to buy on Rajana. If You’re under 18 You will need to use the account of a parent or legal guardian who is at least 18 years of age, with their permission and this adult will be responsible for all Your activities.



Purchase of Items:

When You buy an Item on Rajana, You acquire the right to use that Item; You’re not actually acquiring the Item itself.


You are responsible for choosing the right services to meet Your needs.


By making a payment and placing Your order with Rajana, You confirm that You understand and are satisfied that all aspects of the Job, including its scope, the number of revisions available and the turnaround time, meet Your needs.




All Prices advertised on Rajana are stated in USA dollars.


You are responsible for all costs of currency conversion relating to Your purchases. Your financial institution does the currency conversion and may charge You additional fees (we don’t control either the conversion rates or Your financial institution’s fees).


Prices of all Items and services, including but not limited to annual subscription plan fees, are subject to change with or without notice.



Incorrect prices or informations:

Despite our reasonable efforts, items and services may occasionally be listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information. If this happens, we may cancel or reverse a transaction, even after it is completed and a payment has been processed. If we do this, we’ll promptly arrange for any payment to be credited or refunded and You must not use the item.

Terms of Shipping

Thank you; we really appreciate your business:

-Please send payment within 2 weeks of receiving your items.

-We would like to receive 50% deposit before you receive shipment.

-After you receive your shipment, we would like to request for the full amount of payment.

-We will not receive a new Purchase order before your previous balance is paid.

-Please be aware that Rajana will not accept invoices under the amount of $300.

-Please inquire with us if you require more detailed product information and? or pictures on a specific product .

-We do charge for samples and shipping of samples, Payment is due in full before samples are sent.



For payment Rajana Accept:

- Cash (local only)

- Rajana Association (Bank Account name at CAMBODIA ASIA BANK LIMITED)

- Rajana Association (Bank Account name at ACLEDA BANK )

Regarding payment please call to confirm us before,  if there is any thing happened or requested to  change the bank account name !

Another option available on request.

Thank you for your help & supporting Rajana Association!


These terms and conditions were last updated on November 8, 2017.