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Rajana Transfer Older Bomb shell to Jewelry sold abroad By 30daily

Rajana Transfer Older Bomb shell to Jewelry sold abroad.



World Fair Trade Day 2017 - Phnom Penh St. 240 By Rajana Association

World Fair Trade Day 2017 - Phnom Penh St. 240.



Rajana Pottery By Rajana Association

After he has chosen a lump of clay of the exact weight for his piece and having beaten any air bubbles out, the potter throws the lump on his wheel. He wets the clay and his fingers and starts spinning the wheel using a foot pedal positioned under his table.

Using pressure from thumb or palm he carefully shapes the object, making sure the wheel is spinning at a steady speed and wetting the clay or his fingers regularly.

Any mistake and he must start the whole process again.

First by eye then using a measuring tool he checks that this item is of the exact same size as the 300 other ones he has had an order for.  The clay will reduce in size during firing so he must make sure to take this fact into consideration.



Rajana Association Workshop By Ten Thousand Villages

The Rajana Association is a nonprofit organization for income generation and skills training, producing fair trade products using traditional Cambodian skills with contemporary designs. The name "Rajana" means "design" in Khmer. Rajana Association focuses on the rural and urban poor, and small producers of handicrafts. Rajana trains young Cambodians in traditional craft--making skills, as well as in accounting, marketing, computer courses and English. Through development of traditional craft--making skills, Rajana helps maintain and rebuild Cambodia's rich cultural traditions, damaged in the country's wars.



Rajana Association Workshop By Ten Thousand Villages

Rajana Association began in 1995 as an income--generating project of the British nongovernmental organization Southeast Asian Outreach UK. Since 2000 Rajana has been owned and operated by Cambodians. Rajana Association is a member of the Artisans' Association of Cambodia, which is itself a member of the International Fair Trade Association (IFAT).



Rajana Association Workshop By Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages buys jewelry and home decor from Rajana Association. Ten Thousand Villages has been purchasing from Rajana since 2007.



Rajana Association Workshop By Ten Thousand Villages

In a country still littered with landmines from decades of war, makers work together, side by side, turning bombs into jewelry. After a demining agency retrieves unexploded bombs, the casings are transformed into symbols of peace. Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade pioneer, partners with artisan group Rajana Association of Cambodia to sell their jewelry in the U.S.



Earth Friendly Sewing and Needlework By Michael Bade

Rajana is a fair trade organization that hires artisans from all over Cambodia and pays them a fair wage. They provide training, a good work environment and markets for their crafts. In a country where sweat shops prevail Rajana provides hope to artisans and wonderful hand made products for discriminating buyers around the world.



From Bombs to Jewelry By Michael Bade

Rajana provides jobs to artisans located all around the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Being a free trade organization Rajana aims to give young, underprivileged Cambodians the opportunity to be trained in the production and marketing of contemporary craft. Rajana has four stores in Cambodia and sells to wholesalers and retailers abroad. We hope you will support Rajana.

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